About the project

This project is our last work of the year : it's gathering everything we learnt through the whole year. As a side project, it helps to focus, learn, create what we're really passionnate about. And what a surprise, it's a game ! An old-school shoot'em'up game in fact !

When I first started to learn java and later html/css/javascript by myself using the famous "Le Site du Zéro" (now Open Classroom) my goal was always to create my very own game as the gaming enthousiast I'm. For me, this side project was the perfect opportunity to fullfill that goal and try my best to surpass my limits and what I've learned through this whole year.

This project aims to showcase everything I've learned this year : HTML / CSS / JS /JQuery / JSON. But it also aims to showcase my ability to learn by myself since I'm also using some basic PHP and SQL.

About me

Passionnate about video games and E-Sport, my dream is to work for company such as Mojang or NCSoft. I'm also really excited about new technologies whenever it's web, smartphone, IT, science, ... As a student, my main focus is the front end design but when I have free time I love to learn backend technologies as well and try to use them on a few little personnal projects on my own.

I'm also looking for a traineeship ! The web is constantly evolving and it's important to adapt and to be able to learn alone those new features. I'm eager to learn and try my best to surpass my limits. I'm looking to expand my skills in Front End Developpement, Design and Back End Developpement.