We're a server with some seniority (started on 26/11/2018) and we do map resets when the community decides one is needed (last reset 5/4/2019).

The difficult is hard, but don't worry if you're struggling there's always someone to help you, either in our discord or on the server. We are hosted in Europe and most our players are European. We have a diamond based economy, encourage community builds, projects started by our players and are always open to suggestions on how to improve the server.

The server has 4 restarts to improve performance and reduce lag. Our goal is and always will be to have an active community of friends or at least like minded people to play minecraft with. The server is inspired by hermitcraft and a community akin to that is what we want to achieve.

How to join :

We accept application in our discord server, there is a short form you will have to fill out so we can get to know you better. After that an admin will review your application. You must be 16 or older to be accepted.

Our world !

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Why we use datapacks? Datapacks are little bits of code that help with all those things you've always felt weren't quite right. Like the trapdoor crafting recipe or the stairs. They make the game just a bit more enjoyable and they also help with common lag causes like cod ai or empty boats all over the server.
Spawning Sphere
Allow you yo view the spawnable area around a center point through the use of glowning spheres Useful for proofing farms.
Anti Enderman Grief
Prevents endermen from picking up blocks.
Adds the Hermitcraft tag game directly into your world !
Silence Mobs
Adds the ability to silence mobs using a name tag. 'Silence me';'silence me';'silence_me' are all acceptable names.
More Mobs Head
Adds a chance to receive a mob head upon killing it.
Double Shulker Shells
Makes all shulkers drop 2 shells.
Dragon Drops Elytra
Makes the Ender Dragon drop a dragon egg and elytra on death.
Customizable Armor Stands
Adds a unique book that allows you to alter the properties of armour stands in survival.
Kill Empty Boats
Kill all boats that do not have payers in them.